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Print better, more sustainable fashion
Kornit is helping purposeful fashion brands lead the industry’s transition to on-demand manufacturing. Together, we are defining the future of fashion tech, connecting demand to supply, when and wherever it may be needed.

Sustainable fashion without compromise.

Brands are defined by their purpose and values -- no matter their size -- from the hottest student startup to an established global powerhouse, a brand’s fans expect to see those values realized in terms of quality, ethics and sustainability.

Kornit is committed to helping make better fashion through on-demand, digital, sustainable production processes that allow brands to perfectly match supply to demand, all over the world.

  • Minimize waste with Kornit technologies that use just the water required to print and produce only what is ordered.

  • No MOQs and never out of stock with flexible, agile on-demand production through a global network of certified print fulfillers.

  • Shorten supply chains using onshore and nearshore manufacturing that reduce lead-times and the environmental impact of global transportation.

  • Scale globally with fast, easy access to Kornit’s Global Fulfilment Network of fully qualified print manufacturers.

  • Streamline and eliminate inventory with on-demand manufacturing the production begins only once an order is placed.

How does it work?

Kornitˣ lets brands connect supply to demand, when and wherever it is needed, so that their consumers get an agile consistent global brand experience


Merchandise Visualization
Brands, Retailers, Licensors, Designers and Influencers showcase their collection on their digital ecosystem linked to the Kornitˣ platform.


Online Search & Shop
Fans and consumers discover and order their ‘must have’ items at any one of the brand’s digital touchpoints - web or mobile.


Order Management
The order immediately links to KornitX and is routed to an appropriate fulfiller in the Kornit Global Fulfiller Network (GFN) with the blanks and systems to start the production.


Consumer Delight
Global fulfillers expedite the order direct to consumer in branded packaging and with consistent quality - instant gratification - check.

Make Your Products Better


Zero Landfill

By producing only what is needed we eliminate the standard 30% overproduction - much of which goes to landfill


Kornit has been the leader of on-demand production for 20 years providing global brands high quality, consistent production

Endless creative possibilities

If you can dream it, we can print it. Across apparel, textiles and home decor, from silkscreen to heat transfers and beyond.

Your brand. Your values.

Your products are made using the most sustainable printing methods. Zero compromises, for your uncompromising audience.